Traditional Chinese Medicine embodies over 2000 years of medical knowledge. Today, it is practiced world-wide.

At Queen Anne Acupuncture I strive to maintain the ancient traditions while also incorporating what we know from modern scientific research to help patients achieve their healthcare goals.

While treating a multitude of physical and emotional ailments, my practice has a particular specialization in sports medicine, fertility and pregnancy acupuncture.

Pain from injury or chronic physical ailments can be alleviated and healing can be facilitated with the use of acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha and both internal and topical herbal remedies. I have been working with patients since 2001 to heal musculoskeletal injuries in order for active adults to return to the physical activities they love. From sciatica to tennis elbow, from ankle sprain to hairline bone fractures, I have the training and experience to help you heal faster.

I have advanced training and over a decade of experience in both the Western and Eastern modes of medicine for fertility treatment, general pregnancy care and the treatment of more complicated issues arising in pregnancy and the post-partum.  I am a trained doula and have had personal experience with both a medically necessary C-section and a natural VBAC. Many of my patients will continue their acupuncture treatment in the post-partum making the transition into parenthood (or parenthood again) an easier one. My office is a safe space for women, their partners and their children. I look forward to working with you!