Reviews & Testimonials

The most recent reviews can be found on my online booking software website. Click “Book Now” to read more. The following are some of my favorites from satisfied patients of years past:


” I appreciate Clarissa’s knowledge and her bed-side manner. It is very comforting to be in her care. As a mom herself, I trust her choices when it comes to my pregnancy and postpartum concerns! Thanks Clarissa!” -K.L.

“Clarissa really knows woman’s health. I went to her when I was exhausted after having my son.  I always felt rejuvenated after her treatments.  Plus, she gave me a wonderful herbal supplement that changed my life!  She has now treated my whole family.  Her herbal formulas for children treat teething, colds, earaches & sleep problems.   I’m proud to say my son has never taken an antibiotic because of them.  Our insurance covers it and she does all the billing.  I have to say she has done a lot more for us than our Doctor ever has!” -T.S.

“I had an excellent experience with Clarissa. She was professional and caring. I appreciate her positive attitude and her ability to heal. She is highly recommended.” -Meg Z.

“I had been seeing Clarissa for back pain. Then, as a pedestrian, I was hit by a truck and suffered many injuries. Her healing techniques, positive attitude, concerned communication and humor have helped me through this long healing process. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from pain or other health issues. She’s also worked miracles on my husband’s arthritic hip, too! Thanks Clarissa.” -Laura H.

“I was initially hesitant to try acupuncture, but Clarissa made me feel so comfortable all hesitation was instantly gone during our initial consult. I first started seeing her 2 1/2 years ago and continue to be amazed at the results I see from my visits. Her approach to holistic healthcare, positive attitude, and warm demeanor make her the most fantastic practitioner!” -Meghan E.

“I was diagnosed by my PCP with a rare and incurable condition a year ago. Doctors told me that my best bet was to just deal with the outbreaks that I would get one at a time. Clarissa has helped me discover the root of my problem, and I have been free of the pain and awkwardness of an outbreak since going to her. I had never tried acupuncture before, but I now feel better about going for treatments that I do about going to my “regular” doctor. Plus, Clarissa is funny and warm and awesome.” -Sam G.

“I have been seeing Clarissa for 4 years, and she is amazing! She always listens to what is going on, and never ever makes me feel awkward or self-conscious about my symptoms. In fact, I’ve been able to get to the root of more health concerns because of her openness and ease in discussing symptoms. Now, as a Marriage & Family Therapist I recommend her to many of my clients and continue to be astounded by the results they see with her help!” -Caley P.

“Clarissa has been great to go to for my migraines. She really listens to what’s going on with my body and educates me about what she’s doing. I recommend going to her first before trying any Western medicines.” -Kristin P.