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Located in the thenar eminence between the thumb and first finger, He gu means Joining Valley or Union Valley. This point is a very powerful and often used point. It is the command point of the face and mouth and can be added to any prescription when that area is affected such as TMJ, tooth pain, headache, etc. Another common use for this point is to ward off colds, or wind, as we say in Chinese Medicine. This point both clears wind on it’s own, and also as the Large Intestine channel is paired with the Lung channel, it can effect the Lung and Wei qi, or immune function. I always include this point when a patient has a cold, or feels one is coming on, regardless of the pattern.

When combined with the point Liver 3, we have what is called the “four gates.” This point combination is especially powerful at moving qi and is used quite frequently for this purpose.

When combined with the points Large Intestine 11 and Large Intestine 15, we have what is called a “chain and lock.” This combination is useful when treating any issues with the arm from tendonitis to numbness to muscle pain.

Large Intestine 4, He gu, is one of several points used to induce labor, and is therefore contraindicated in pregnancy unless labor is desired.

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Sanyinjiao translates to Three Yin Intersection. This point is unique in that the three yin channels of the leg intersect here. The Spleen, Liver and Kidney channels can all be accessed through this point making it very powerful, and very useful.

Locate sanyinjiao 3 cun (approximately 3 inches) up from the medial malleolus (the inner ankle bone) just behind the crest of the tibia, or leg bone. The point is often tender and might feel like a slight depression in the muscle tissue.

I use this point often, especially on women, as it is a lovely point for tonifying the qi of the Spleen and Stomach, thereby aiding in building blood. This has broad use, from menstrual irregularities to digestive discomfort. It resolves damp conditions and invigorates the blood, making it useful for regulating menstruation and also for inducing labor. It is therefore, contraindicated in pregnancy unless labor is desired. It is usefully for calming the spirit and rules the lower of the 3 jiao, meaning the intestines, bladder, uterus/tubes/ovaries, and the sexual organs.

Sanyinjiao is useful for any gynecological, urinary, sexual, digestive and emotional issues. Few points have so many, and such broad application, making Spleen 6 one of the most widely used acupuncture points.

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