The insertion of hair-fine surgical stainless steel needles into specific points on the body creating a change in physiology that can relieve pain, heal injury and improve organ function. For over 2000 years, acupuncture has been the primary form of medical treatment for billions of people. I have successfully treated countless symptoms and underlying pathologies using acupuncture. The treatment is nearly painless and the only side effects are an increased sense of calm and improved immune function.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbs are a safe medicine made up of various plants and minerals. At Queen Anne Acupuncture they are most often given as pills or as powder that can be mixed with hot water and taken as a tea. For some conditions, I recommend Chinese Herbs in addition to acupuncture. In my practice, I use classic Chinese formulas, usually a combination of 8-10 herbs, and make additions and subtractions based on individual’s symptom presentation. The formulas are designed specifically for everyone thereby reducing or eliminating potential side effects and treating any complicated combination of symptoms. If we are treating insomnia primarily, but the patient also has constipation and hot flashes, the formula will be tailored to address each of these things at the same time.

Other Techniques

Chinese Medicine encompasses a wide range of techniques in addition to acupuncture and herbs. Queen Anne Acupuncture provides all of these as needed. From Cupping to Moxa, From Electro-acupuncture to nutrition, you can access all sides of Traditional Chinese Medicine here.