What my patients say

“Even if I only see Clarissa once or twice a year, she is always welcoming and friendly, and most important, she remembers past treatment.”
– Rebecca M

“When meeting with Clarissa she took the time to assess my issues and set up a session to address them. My shoulder and back are already feeling better.”

“Clarissa’s office environment is soothing and her treatments are always uniquely tailored to the shifting needs of each of her clients. Just go!”
-Sandra D

“Clarissa was laid back, willing to answer all of my questions, ad incredibly knowledgeable. Peaceful office, no snobbery or touchy-feeliness here.”
-Kelly S

“Over the last 25 years I have used 5-6 acupuncturists, Clarissa is the best! I actually make an appointment whenever I am in town.”
-Margaret W

“Within minutes I was so relaxed that I forgot I was being treated. My first treatment provided more relief than I expected, and overall, it reduced my pain.”
-Wendy S

“I feel both physically and mentally recharged after my appointments.”
-Michelle B

“Clarissa is great! She is very knowledgeable. I think the overall experience was relaxing and beneficial.”
-Heidi M

“I highly recommend her practice, Clarissa listens and knows how to connect the dots when you don’t know exactly what the problem is. I’ve seen clear improvement in my injury.”
-Brianne M

“Clarissa is professional, efficient, and listens attentively. Her treatment was relaxing and effective, and she showed genuine interest in my health goals. I’m so glad I found her!”
-Jessica T

“Clarissa diagnosed my problem – and has given me hope and relief! I am thrilled that I found her and will continue to visit her to resolve my sciatica.”
-Sue F

“I can’t imagine a more supportive environment. She has helped me during the last few years with a shoulder injury, sciatica, and arthritis.”
-Rebecca A

“I came to Clarissa struggling with migraines and not only has the combination of acupuncture and herbs helped significantly, but I feel like I’ve also learned a lot about how I can manage and understand my body.”
-Cassandra R

“I’ve been having acupuncture for over 20 years. I know that some acupuncturists are better than others. Clarissa is among the best. She understands that eastern and western medicine working together can be the best scenario.”
-Peg W

“Clarissa is an understanding, wise and helpful healer. I am very grateful for her care. She is easy to talk to and clearly cares about her clients.”
-Rachel T

“I’ve only had one acupuncture session, but I’m already feeling relief for my lower back pain residual from two hip replacements.”
-Carol A

“As a mom herself, I trust Clarissa’s choices when it comes to my pregnancy and postpartum concerns.”

“Clarissa really knows women’s health. I I came to her when I was exhausted after having my son and the herbal supplements she gave me have changed my life!”

“Clarissa’s healing techniques, positive attitude, concerned communication and humor have helped me through my healing process. She also worked miracles on my husband’s arthritic hip!”
-Laura H

“I was initially hesitant to try acupuncture, but Clarissa made me feel so comfortable, all hesitation was instantly gone during our initial consult. I started seeing her 2 years ago, and continue to be amazed with the results.”
-Meghan E

“I was diagnosed by my PCP with a rare and incurable condition a year ago. My doctors told me I would just have to deal with it. Clarissa has helped me discover the root of my problem and I have been free of pain ever since.”
-Sam G

“I have been seeing Clarissa for 4 years and she is amazing. She always listens to what is going on, and never makes me feel awkward or self-conscious about my symptoms.”
-Caley P

“Clarissa has been great to go to for my migraines. She really listens to what’s going on and educates me about what she is doing.”
-Kristin P

“I have hypothyroidism and Clarissa has helped me keep my levels near perfect for several years. Her treatment resulted in not having to resort to hormone treatment.”
-Viv V

“I have been going through fertility treatment for over a year and can’t imagine doing it without the help of Clarissa at Queen Anne Acupuncture.”
-Maggie Z

“I had nearly immediate results with back pain. Thanks Clarissa!”

“This was my first experience with both cupping and acupuncture, and Clarissa was very good about walking me through the entire process.”
-Norelle D

“The service and problem-solving techniques were excellent.”

“I would recommend her services to pregnant moms and especially those new to acupuncture as she makes her treatments very easy to tolerate and they are very effective. My insomnia and morning sickness were a lot better after treatment.”
-Leah A

“My asthma had gotten so bad I was unable to work. My ongoing sessions have led to strength and health, I am very grateful for her support.”
-Laura L

“I was referred to Queen Anne Acupuncture because my PT treatments weren’t helping a very tight upper shoulder muscle. After three sessions with Clarissa the muscle did relax and I have not had a recurring problem.”
-Kathleen R

“I left feeling calmed and cleared……and ready for a nap!”
-David T

“Every time I am at an impasse with traditional health care over pain issues, Clarissa comes to the rescue.”
-Rebecca M

“I have been going to Clarissa regularly for a couple of years. She helped me while I was trying to get pregnant, all throughout my pregnancy, and now post-pregnancy. I always look forward to my visit with her.”
-Shelley S

“I had a rough first trimester of pregnancy and Clarissa really helped me through it.”
-Victoria V

“I had been having persistent, severe nerve pain during my pregnancy. When I left my first appointment the pain was gone! I will definitely be back!”
-Rachel P

“Clarissa has been a tremendous help to me with digestive issues for which my western doctors had no answers.”